$100,000 for Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

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Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle While Crossing the Street

Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle While Crossing the Street


Our office recovered #100,000.00 for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle while crossing the street.  The  38 year old male pedestrian had the right-of way while crossing the street.  He was in the cross-walk and crossing with the walk signal.  The vehicle was traveling with a green light, making a left turn.  This type of incident happens all too often, the driver and the pedestrian both having the green light.  Needless to say, the insurance carrier denied all liability and refused to pay.  Suit was filed.

Even in simple cases like this, the insurance carrier will try to blame the pedestrian.  After all, the vehicle had the green light.  Didn’t the pedestrian see the left turning vehicle?  Was the pedestrian running?  Was his vision obscured?  Was his attention distracted?  Did he enter the street without having enough time to cross?

Pedestrians struck by vehicles can expect the insurance carrier to dispute liability.  And, even if successful, the insurance carrier will try to minimize the injuries.  After all, there were no broken bones, no cuts, no bleeding, no stitches and no concussion.   All x-rays were normal.

Actually, there were injuries, serious injuries that x-rays will not show.  In this case, the pedestrian sustained torn ligaments to his knee.  This will not show up on x-ray.  After extensive litigation, we were able to recover $100,000.00 for the pedestrian who “was at fault” and “sustained no injuries.”

If you or a loved one are the victim of an auto/pedestrian incident, call the Law Offices of Charles J. Gale for a free consultation.  If we do not recover, there is no charge.




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