$1,500,000.00 For Pedestrian Hit In The Cross-Walk

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Our office recovered the amount of $1,500,000.00 for a sixty-four year old pedestrian hit in the cross-walk by a vehicle. The injuries sustained in the accident were severe. Those injuries included a fractured left leg, fractured right foot, fractured right ankle and a cut to the upper lip requiring five stitches. Because the injuries were severe, and the cost to the insurance carrier was going to be substantial, every issue would be disputed. The insurance carrier disputed who was at fault in the accident. The insurance carrier disputed the nature of our client’s injuries and the extent of our client’s recovery from those injuries. The insurance carrier disputed the value of fair compensation for these injuries. And, despite the enormous difference of opinion on these issues, these issues were not the real dispute in the case.

Seven months after the accident, our client was at home recovering from her fractured left leg. While at home, our client tried to transfer out of her wheelchair and into another chair. As she was doing this, she fell and fractured her left hip. The insurance carrier denied all responsibility for this fractured left hip. The insurance carrier took the position that an injury that incurred seven months after the accident was not their responsibility. We disagreed and filed suit.

The injuries sustained from the fractured left hip became much more severe than the injuries sustained from the original auto accident. As a result of the fractured hip, our client underwent two hip surgeries and incurred hospital and medical bills approaching $200,000.00. In addition, her recovery period was substantially extended.

During the litigation, we were able to prove that our client had not yet totally recovered from her fractured left leg when she fell. Our client was still weak and unstable. We were able to successfully prove that if our client had not been injured in the auto accident, our client would not have fallen and therefore would not have fractured her left hip. And of course, the disagreements did not end there. The fractured left hip resulted in various unforeseen complications, all of which the insurance carrier refused to accept responsibility.

If you or your loved one are injured in an accident, do not assume that the insurance carrier will assume responsibility for the full consequences of that accident. They won’t. Call the Law Firm of Charles J. Gale, P.C.

Charles J. Gale

Charles J. Gale

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