$200,000.00 for Dog Attack on Child

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Dog attack on Child

Dog Attack on Child

A two-year old child was attacked by a pit bull while playing on the stairs in her apartment building.  The child was being supervised by her mother.  Without any warning or provocation, the dog simply attacked the child.  The mother does not know why.   The dog, a pit bull, also lived on the premises and was familiar with the child.  At the result of the dog attack, the child was scratched on the face.   The dog attack resulted in three 1 cm lacerations.  The lacerations may result in permanent scarring.  As the result of the dog attack, our office obtained a settlement in the amount of $200,000.00.

Dog attacks have unfortunately become very common.  The injuries sustained from a dog attack can be serious.  Sometimes the injuries are life-threatening.  Dog attacks that result in scars can result in substantial settlements.  Regardless of the extent of injuries, you have a right to compensation for a dog attack that is unprovoked.

In this case, we obtained a settlement in the amount of $200,000.00.  The injuries were not life threatening but they did leave small,  possibly permanent scars.  As with all scars, the location of the scar is the most important factor.  Injuries that leave scars on the face are the worst.  Even small scars on the face can result in very substantial settlements.

Dog attacks can result in injuries other than scars.  Dog bites can cause nerve damage, muscle damage, ligament damage and psychological damage.   The Dog attack injuries can be permanent.  In almost all cases, dog attack injuries will result in injuries that will result in substantial medical bills.

Sometimes dog attacks can result in injuries in the attempt to flee the dog.  You can sustain injuries even if the dog does not bite you.  Your attempt to run, flee, or escape can result in injuries.  Dog attacks that cause these injuries are also compensable.

If you or your loved ones have been involved in a dog attack, you may have the right to compensation.  If you did not provoke the dog, you almost certainly have the right to compensation.  The amount of the recovery for the dog attack will depend upon the injuries.  But because most dog attacks almost always result in injuries, the amount of the recovery can be substantial.  If you are involved in a dog attack, seek medical attention immediately.   Be sure to file a police report.  And call our office as soon as possible.



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