$70,000 for Auto Broadsided at Intersection

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Auto Accident

Auto broadsided at intersection

Our client recovered $70,000.00 when her auto was broadsided at an intersection. The plaintiff, a 39 year old woman, was simply driving on a main street, going straight, with traffic. As she approached a green traffic light at one of many intersections she had passed, our client was broadsided by another driver who failed to stop at the red light.

This is a situation that happens all too often. Sometimes the insurance company will deny the claim entirely, saying that it was our driver who ran the red light.

Other times the insurance company will admit fault for the accident, but claim that our driver was not hurt. After all, our client had no broken bones, no bleeding, no concussion, no scars, etc.

In fact, that is exactly what the insurance company said to our client. No injuries. All x-ray reports were negative. In reality, our client did sustain injuries, except that the injuries were not visible injuries.

All too often, the victim of an auto accident will sustain severe neck and low back strains that are very painful and debilitating. These injuries will not appear on x-ray. Nevertheless, the injuries are real.

After the insurance company denied fault, then denied that our client sustained any injury, we filed suit. We won on both issues and recovered for our client the amount of $70,000.00. This was substantially better that the $0.00 that the insurance carrier offered prior to suit!

If you or your loved ones are injured in an auto accident, do not accept the insurance companies claim that you were the fault of the accident. Or that you were not injured from the accident. Call our office, Charles J. Gale, P.C.

Charles J. Gale

Charles J. Gale

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