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Dog Attacks: Important Things to Know

Dog bite? Get a personal injury attorney.If you are the victim of a dog attack, you have the absolute right to receive compensation for your injuries. Insurance companies will argue that you provoked the dog.  Or that you did not have the legal right to be where you were. Victims of dog attacks should not let the insurance company succeed with these tactics. If the dog owner has homeowners insurance, his insurance policy will be responsible for all injuries sustained in a dog attack.

The injuries sustained from a dog attack or bite will in many cases be very serious. Frequently, dog attack injuries require extensive medical care. Furthermore, the injuries from a dog attack are usually of a permanent nature.  Dog attack injuries include scarring, nerve damage, severe strains and sprains, fractures, and more. Paying for all of the necessary medical treatments of a dog attack can be quite expensive.  In order to successfully prove your case, you will need expert medical opinions and testimonies. Frequently these come from a plastic surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, or pain management physician.

4 Important Things To Do for Dog Attacks:

  1. File a police report for the dog attack immediately. The owner of the dog needs to be identified and the facts of the occurrence documented. The dog should be checked by the authorities for licensing, up-to-date vaccinations, and any past history of attacks.
  1. Obtain addresses and names for all witnesses to the dog attack. This information will allow you to contact them.  In turn, the information will help you prove exactly what happened and how it occurred.
  1. Visit a doctor for medical treatment immediately. It is important that all of your injuries from the dog attack are fully and completely documented. There may be injuries sustained from a dog attack that will not be apparent to you at first, such as nerve trauma.  Scars will also not be evident until months later. Additionally, there will be other effects from the dog attack or bite that will not manifest themselves until weeks or months later.  It is vitally important that you document all of your injuries at the time of the accident so that your rights for full and fair compensation are preserved.
  1. Contact our office immediately if you are the victim of a dog attack.

When it comes to dog attack cases, you should hire the best personal injury attorney with experience in representing dog attack and bite victims.  Charles J. Gale will protect your rights and help you recover full and fair compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and any disability, as well as any and all other losses that you have sustained. Our initial consultation is free, and you never pay unless we get you a settlement, so call us today at (312) 372-0300.

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