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Alcohol could lead to personal injury

Important Things to Know:

Dram shop laws in Illinois provide liability against the bars and nightclubs who served the intoxicated individual. This liability does not require negligence by the bar club owner; rather, it simply needs to be shown that the bar served or provided the alcohol to the intoxicated person illegally. The insurance company bar or club will do everything that they can to dispute the allegation that the person was intoxicated or that he got intoxicated at their location. That’s why you should obtain the services of a skilled personal injury attorney.

Important Things To Do:

  1. Obtain the names and phone numbers of all witnesses who have knowledge of the fact that the individual was intoxicated and that the individual got intoxicated at the defendant’s bar or nightclub.
  1. File a police report and have it documented that the individual is intoxicated.
  1. Get the names of bar employees who may have personal knowledge of the incident.
  1. Hire the services of an attorney immediately.

Trust an attorney who has experience in dram shop claims and is willing and ready to help you get the most compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering. Turn to the Law Offices of Charles J. Gale, PC. We provide you with an initial consultation which is completely free—no obligations and no fees. Call us today to discuss your dram shop injuries and what your options are under Illinois dram shop laws.

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