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Nursing home with personal injury problems

Important Things to Know about Nursing Home Abuse:

All nursing home residents have certain rights, including the right to be free from abuse, mistreatment, and neglect. If those rights are violated, you or your loved one has a legal claim against the nursing home for damages.

Abuse by a nursing home can take many forms, including the existence of pressure ulcers which are also called bedsores or decubitus ulcers; falls and bone fractures that occur as the result of being transferred to or from a bed or chair by improperly trained nursing home personnel; malnutrition or dehydration as the result of improper planning, implementation, and supervision of diet; and bed injuries such as suffocation or strangulation caused by defective or improperly used side rails.

Know that the nursing home will not tell you that the injury sustained by your loved one was caused by the neglect of the nursing home. The nursing home may not even tell you how the injury happened. You can expect the nursing home to tell you that your loved one’s injury was unavoidable and simply the result of advanced age, poor health, or previous disabilities of the resident. You should not accept this explanation without a full and complete investigation of exactly how your loved one became injured.

Important Things To Do:

  1. Call the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Division of Long-Term Care Quality Assurance at 217-782-5180. This government agency has the authority to investigate acts of alleged abuse by the Nursing Home.
  1. Discuss with your loved one’s physician the details regarding the injury, and most importantly, the likely cause of the injury.
  1. Photograph your loved one’s visible injuries, including bed sores.
  1. Make sure a written report of the incident is made and that you obtain a copy.
  1. Try to obtain a copy of the nursing home’s records. These documents will be crucial in proving specific acts of negligence against the nursing home.
  1. Retain an attorney immediately.

The Law Offices of Charles J. Gale, PC are experienced in fighting nursing homes on behalf of abuse victims. Don’t let your loved ones continue to suffer. Instead, please call us for a free, no obligation consultation. We will discuss your legal rights and advise you on where your case stands. You never have to worry about paying a fee until we collect a settlement. We welcome your questions and make it our goal to help you move forward with confidence and an easy mind. Call us now at (312) 372-0300.

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