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               Slip and Fall: Important Things to Know:

Slip and fall injuries can be very traumatic.   If you sustain a slip and fall, you should know that to recover compensation for your injuries, two items must be proved. First, you have to show that the slip and fall was caused by a condition that the property owner was aware of.  Second, you have to prove that the property owner had sufficient time to make the necessary repairs, but failed to do so.

In almost all slip and fall cases, the insurance company will try to put the blame on you.  That is, they will argue that you were not looking where you were going.  If you were, you would have seen the defect.  Or, they will argue that you were looking where you were going and therefore must have seen the defect.  Since you must have seen the defect, it is your fault.  Either way, the insurance company will try to blame you for the slip and fall.

5 Important Things To Do:

  1. Get the names and addresses of all witnesses to the slip and fall.  The property owner or its employees cannot be counted on to be your witness.
  1. Give notice of the slip and fall, and your injury,  to the owner of the premises before you leave the scene of the accident. Make sure a written report of the slip and fall is made. It is crucial that the written report identifies exactly what caused you to fall. Obtain a copy of that report.
  1. Next you will need to seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries from the slip and fall. With the help of your doctor you should identify all affected areas of your body, regardless of how minor they may seem at the time. Many injuries and side effects don’t manifest themselves fully until days or weeks later and they may be more debilitating than you first assumed.
  1. Get a camera and take pictures of the slip and fall scene, focusing on what caused you to fall.  This of course may not be possible in every instance.
  1. Call an attorney immediately.

You can count on the experience of the Law Offices of Charles J. Gale, PC to help in your slip and fall case. We have the capabilities and know-how to prosecute your slip and fall claim. Don’t hesitate to call us today. There is no fee unless and until we successfully reach a settlement and you are awarded. Our consultations are also free and are only a short phone call away. Let us help you; all you have to do is dial (312) 372-0300 now!

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